Accueil Balers Poettinger 200VC ProMultiBaler

Poettinger 200VC ProMultiBaler


Poettinger 200VCPro Multibale Press/wrap combination.
This enhanced press/wrapper combination has been made for direct pressing of chopped corn and beetpulp.

The bunker makes it easy to overload the chopper directly and produce foiled silage roundbales.

If the Multibaler is to be coupled directly to the chopper, the baler doesn’t need to be turned on, it activates with the chopper.
The Multibaler can still bale straw, hay and grass. The bunker also enables non-stop baling with switchable automatic bale unload.
For non-stop baling operation, check the working speed dependency to the wrapping speed to prevent an overrunning bunker
It is also possible to operate the Multibaler as a stationary baler on the farm.
The hopper can be loaded with a shovel or conveyor belt for this purpose.
A tractor or external PTO generator is required for stationary operation.

Poettinger Impress 200VCPro Multibaler:
Price: 120200 $
Needed power: 250 hp
Bales: Straw, Hay, Grass, Sugarbeet Cut, Chaff
Bale size: 125-180cm
Color choice: yes
Color choice foil: yes
Steering axle: yes
Category: Balers

180cm Roundbales can’t be foiled, so check the used size twice

We recommend using the Krone or New Holland chopper


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