Accueil Cars Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford Ranger Wildtrak


UDIM, wear and dirt textures
Animated front and rear suspension
Choice of configuration Pickup for pallets loading and Pickup with tank for transporting liquids
The tank for liquids has 2000 litres capacity and can be filled with Milk, Water, Slurry, Digestate, Liquid fertilizer and Herbicide. When the tank is filled with Herbicide or Liquid fertilizer, the car can be used for refilling sprayers
Choice of body color
Choice of rim color
Choice of design (seats) color
Working instrument panel. LED display is showing the traveling speed. Illuminated symbols on the dashboard, interior and doors buttons.
Realistic looking lights
License plates
Back door can be opened with “X” key (unfolding the car) with animation sound
Working wipers with sound
Automatic gearbox
Animated pedals