Accueil Map Somewhere In Thuringia III

Somewhere In Thuringia III


– replaced double wedge silo farmland 153 (LU Dienstedt)
with 2 single wedge silos to fit the new BunkerSetU.
– seed/fertilizer production, separated storages for seed and fertilizer
to prevent stuck of production if storage is fully filled with input products.
– slightly adjusted position of drive-trough silo and manure heap farm 1
– hot air ballons, less visible, different times
– car dealer sign switched to german name for better region fitting
– AI-vehicles sign plates changed to regional signs
– car dealer spawn places modified, prevents loaned mission vehicles not spawned if main place is blocked
– paintable ground textures, raised 8 –> 38
– ground angles, raised 8 –> 32
– heightypes limit, raised 64 –> 256
– paintable deco objects (bushes, meadow…), raised 4 –> 10
– meadow now also seedable, instead of only ordinary grass (slightly higher outcome then grass)
– side fence at chicken fattening sellable for extending the area
– fence behind gas station and side fence sawmill sellable (extending sawmill area)
– lime texture attenuated

– 3 different meadow types now available
– car maintainance available at farm 1
– several locations are now buyable farmlands
– 3 separate cow pastures (do not produce milk, manure and liquid manure)
– spanish translation (made by caterpillardock)

For all those who already play the map and want to update, a new savegame is strictly mandatory!
It’s not possible to convert the old savegame to Mapversion This will lead to unexpected errors and
weird behaviors when playing. Due to mayor changes in the i3d file, the new savegame isn’t avoidable!

For questions and help or even error messages, visit us on our Discord
Have fun and happy plowing. Best of luck, the DSA team.
Made with love