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Bally Spring Map



Welcome to BallySpring!

A fictional Irish map with 165 fields, mainly grassland with some arable fields. There are 9 farm yards to choose from.

– Custom Animals: Bulls, Calves, Goats, Ducks and more
– Multi Terrain Angle
– Custom Traffic
– Irish Number Plates
– Custom seasonal growth plan with Cotton and Sugarcane removed
– Relight Installed
– Custom Sounds
– Custom NPC’s
– Multi Fruit
– Road Network built in Blender
– All hedges have collisions
– Removable Hedges
– Productions and sellpoints
– Precision farming ready with realistic soil map
– Most things only work once the land has been bought Animals, silos etc.

Happy Farming! If you find any bugs with the map, please report in our discord server linked below.
To keep up to date with updates and future projects, please join our discord server linked below.

Due to the amount of animal husbandries on the map, the “More Animal Husbandries Possible (64)” mod is required.

Irish_Conor, GlengarBoy, Dylan.C, 4D Modding, Rossco755, OxygenDavid, BulletBill, Farmer_Andy, Disturbed Simulations
If there is anyone we forgot to mention, apologies .
Special thanks to the Eire Agri Crew & AgriSpec for testing the map.