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Hof Bergmann 



The time has finally come and the Hof Bergmann is available as the first version for the LS22.
The map will be further expanded in the future and this version is not the final version, because a map is never really finished.

Release notes:
This time only 2 archives have to be downloaded, but the individual archives are a bit larger.
If you already have version of the map, you only need to update the map
A new saved game is not required from version to version because it is only a bug fix version.

Moddesc version adapted to patch 1.5.0 (patch 1.5.0 is now mandatory)
Fixed game crash when sleeping in the farmhouse, fixed Sleep Camera script by Ifkonator
Fixed tool rack behind horse stable, objects falling through the shelves.
Languages updated, added Turkish and Italian
Mineral fertilizer is no longer displayed in the price menu for the beds in the allotment garden