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L’Elevage Breton



Hello to all, today I share with you my map “L’Elevage Breton”
A Small map with lots of Farms and quite a few small fields.

You will find there:
– About 80 fields
– Some meadows
– Main Dairy Farm
– Dairy farm
– Large Dairy Farm
– Sheepfold
– Pigsty
– Cuma
– 1 chicken coop

– Communal Shed
– 4 cooperatives
– A Factory with all the productions
– a New Holland dealer
– a livestock trader
– 2 cow and sheep pastures
– Apple trees
– a repair shop in each farm and at the dealership
– Multiangle terrain
– Animals of the Hof
– Stubble crushing
– Still errors in the log but does not prevent you from playing it!
– Buy the land to have the functional elements!

Regarding the spawn of the manure it will be necessary to manually place a place for it, otherwise it will not appear
Thanks to everyone who helped me with the test.

The map is far from perfect but new versions will arrive soon.
Anyway, I hope you like it.
Thank you and good games to all!