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The Old Stream Farm



Welcome to, Old Stream Farm. The famous farm of the 70’s is back for even more fun. Located in a fictional European-style countryside, the roads will take you to the small town of Dorfbach and Grünwald.


-Fixed the problem of the impossibility of placing fences on the farm.
-Fixed Farm silo Grain
-Pile of dirt in the restaurant removed ( new savegame recommended)
-Invisible wall in the fendt workshop fixed
-Remove the siren in the village
-All trains croosing fixed ( with the cars collision)
-Traffic speed Fix
-Pedestrians fix
-The problem of selling silage bales to the BGA if you do not have the bga is fixed ( new savegame recommended)
-The farm’s grain silo bin trigger is now lower
-Correction of the « CODY’S STRORE » sign
-Each group of farm decoration items can be sold in separate groups ( new savegame recommended)
-Adapted cow feed (now 112500 L for 150 cows)
-Addition of Multifruit storage in the farm silo grain
-There are now 13 different license plates (NL, DK, IRL, IT, LU, BE, BE2, DE, GB, GB2, FR, FR2, fantasy)
-The shelf of the farm has been repaired for the forks
-The trigger of milk at the farm is corrected
-Some flying trees have been replaced ( new savegame recommended)
-Several bumps in the fields have been removed ( 59, 52, 40 , 48 ,44 ,42) ( new savegame recommended)

Not new savegame is required but a few issues above will only be fixed when you do start a new game.
Attention without the new savegame you will not have any more decoration in the farm (new plaçables)