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Towing Chain With Hook


With this mod you can tow vehicles by towing chain. You can also mount towing hook to vehicles that have no attacher and then attach towing chain to this hook.
– attach the red end to your vehicle and then attach second end to towed vehicle
– you can attach towing chain to itself when no vehicle is in range (can be used for transport)
– you can take towing chain to the hands and attach it manualy
– multiple attaching of chains supported
– you can turn on towed vehicle’s throttle if necessary
– you can set steering mode of towed vehicle to auto or manual
– in F1 help menu you can see all chains avaiable in your range with info about chain
– you can switch between chains when you are on foot
– you can move mounted hook in all direction so it will fit to any vehicle
– mod creates xml config file in your game folder where you can change some parameters
– id of chain is showed in middle of each chain to help (can be turned of in xml config)
– all controls can be set in your Inputbindings

-price: 600 €

KEY_x – attach / detach towing chain to vehicle (vehicle, onfoot)
KEY_y – switch to next chain (onfoot)
KEY_z – mount towing hook (onfoot)
KEY_b – turn on / off towed vehicle throttle (vehicle)
KEY_y – switch between steering mode of towed vehicle (off, auto, manual) (vehicle)
KEY_comma, KEY_period – turn towed vehicle left / right (vehicle)
KEY_lalt KEY_b – change towed vehicle driving direction (vehicle)
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_4 / 6 – move mounted hook left / right (onfoot)
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_8 / 5 – move mounted hook forward / backward (onfoot)
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_7 / 9 – move mounted hook up / down (onfoot)