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Bale Texture Changer



Let’s add a bit of realism with the option to change the color of the bales in Farming Simulator 22. With this mod, a player can change 1.25, 1.5, and 1.8 bales with the fill type of straw of hay, with the option for 5 different wraps:
Default Game Wrap
Red, White, and Blue
Blue and Gold

To access the menu to change the wraps, use Alt + B on your Keyboard (the keybind is changeable with the in-game menu.) Once you open the menu and change the wrap to the texture that you would like, make sure to select confirm and the bale textures that you have changed will become active in your game. Bales that already exist will have the updated wrap applied to them as well. If your baler makes custom size bales, meaning different sizes than the in-game bales, this mod will not work with those bales.