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John Deere 8R SimpleIC



John Deere 8R conversion with SimpleICAloha my dears! Some have been waiting eagerly for it.

I have the honor to share the John Deere 8R with you today!

I’ll try to list everything we did with Johnny and I hope I don’t forget anything…

what was done– KUBOTA DLC READY – passenger seat installed. KUBOTA DLC necessary to be able to take passengers with you!– Simple IC installed for passenger seat, left door and rear window!– Removal of the attacher configuration and 3-point attachment permanently installed. This means that CTRL + V (raise/lower all devices) is possible again– Terra tires for Trelleborg, Michelin and Vredestein– RUL configuration with standard or 2 different LED RULs optionally with or without front flasher– Yes / No warning sign configuration– Our AM mascots (Squiggy / Pikachu) as configuration yes or no. We won’t force you to use them if you don’t want to 🙂– Window tinting on user request! Standard – Dark – Very Dark (it actually looks a lot darker in the shop than it is in-game afterwards. I personally recommend either Standard or Dark. Dark actually looks very nice 😀– Engine versions Standard +1 .. Means + a chipped engine with slightly increased HP (377kW / 512 HP) and around 180 Nm more torque with 60km/h Vmax. Sticker for speed on the rear window changes depending on the engine with.– Precision Farming Ready (inherited from Standard 8R)– Color choice for main color, grille on top as well as rims– Increased durability to AM standard.

Credits: Anteri0r