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Valtra T-Serie simpleic


Valtra T Series CONVERTED from FS19.
Metallic colors, badge and lines near lights are customizable. Front loader

Fixed the main issue related to tractor cabin internals being easily trashed by dirt. Seat, arm rest, steering wheel and other items in the cabin were tragically and very quickly dirtied.
Now the cabin does not trash that much, grill dirt now looks more realistic, however there are still some issues related to the cabin – speedometer.

6 engine configurations:
T154 – 132 kw / 180 hp
T174 – 140 kw / 190 hp
T194 – 154 kw / 210 hp
T214 – 169 kw / 230 hp
T234 – 184 kw / 250 hp
T254 – 199 kw / 270 hp

Trelleborg, Michelin and Mitas wide wheels and wide wheels with weights are made to be bigger than other wheels of these brands.Credits:
Seatbeef STv-Modding Farmari99